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Welcome to the training portal AVANST.
The portal is directed to:
- Professional training,
- University education.
- Autotraining.

The publications allow:
- consultations,
- tests in timed real time,
- random tests,
- case studies.

Progression mode:

The progression process :
- facilitates the training,
- frames the progression,
- automatically checks the assess
of the person to be trained.
(Even, at the end of a long training cycle, for those of the topics studied at the beginning of the cycle)

The Avanst portal can be used in stand-alone manner
or connected to your LMS to complement it.

AVANST: Apprentissage. Vérification Automatique de Niveau Sécurisée. Tutorat.   (Training. Secured Automatic level cheking. Tutoral.)

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